the tl;dr version

Tamsin Davis-Langley was born on Bloomsday, 1973 CE, and is still trying to figure things out. She lives just outside of Seattle, Washington with her superhero wife and their adorably demonic cats. She spends a lot of time thinking about stuff, and sometimes writes it down.

hi! i’m tamsin.

I’m a multi-classed, multi-queer, multi-geek, neutral good social justice elf and jack-of-all-trades with a degree in intersectional feminism, a.k.a. “outlawing fun for everybody.”

I’m a non-binary transfeminine biohacker: mostly void, partially girl, queer as folk horror.

I’m an itinerant homebody, an aspiring epicure, an intermittent bugeisha, a quotidian mystic, a cheerful insomniac, and a sardonic logomancer.

I’m a reader, watcher, listener, and occasional maker of Stuff.

I’m married to a polymath, and parenting a Girl Genius.

I’m generally benevolent and aspirationally polite. I’ve been bringing gorm to the gormless and feck to the feckless since the Nixon administration.

I’m often described as archaic, literary, obscure, obsolete, rare, and other adjectives that only get used to describe weird words in the dictionary.

I’m a work in progress, like so much else in life.

I contain multitudes™.

I’ve been a student, a grocery bagger, a library assistant, a brick-and-mortar music-store employee, a technical writer, an administrative hireling in healthcare, a semi-professional rock musician, an editor in electronic publishing, an English tutor, and a published author.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies from the University of Washington, which often seems to confuse people.

I live on unceded Duwamish territory in a suburban city so close to Seattle that auto-populating fields on websites argue with me about my address. My sweetie and I live in a weird box of a house filled with several computing devices in varying states of functionality, a variety of musical instruments, a pile of (mostly wooden) mêlée weapons, and approximately 4,000 books, none of which is Ulysses.

We also have two incredibly sweet, rambunctious, and possibly evil cats.

I ramble endlessly about gender studies, queer studies and queer theory, transgender history and culture, intersectional feminism, religious studies, folklore, pre-modern Japanese history (especially the Sengoku and Edo periods), Western popular music post-World War I (and critical approaches to same), ’80s geek culture, and a whole lot more.

It’s nice to meet you. 🙂