How we turned a bedroom door into a TARDIS.

My daughter is an amazing little creature, as anyone who knows her (and isn't a complete bozo) will tell you: bright, sassy, creative, funny, sweet, and blessed with impeccable taste. This means, among other things, that she's a fan of the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who.  This fact makes me inexpressibly proud. Of course, whereas … Continue reading How we turned a bedroom door into a TARDIS.

In which we change phones, and paradigms.

Well, hello again. So, the gastronomic and emotional endurance trial that was the Thanksgiving holiday is now safely past.  I hope those of you here in the Colonies have recovered from your exertions, and those of you elsewhere in the world have thanked $DEITY_OR_RANDOM_CHANCE that you didn't have to suffer with us. Things were actually quite pleasant … Continue reading In which we change phones, and paradigms.

Some thoughts on rational discourse.

This is, as the description text helpfully points out, a blog about "life, work, play, parenting, relationships, homemaking, food, drink, books, music, movies, writing, crafts, martial arts, spirituality, religion, philosophy, politics, and dreams. And sometimes ponies." (Or something like that, anyway.) These are all subjects that interest me, and I generally like to talk about … Continue reading Some thoughts on rational discourse.